Mission of Seventh Direction

SEVENTH DIRECTION is a name given for the "spirit within" each of us; the "heart of humanity;" "the soul." It is a term taken from the Lakota Native American people. While the first six directions (east, south, west, north, above and below) are the more easily recognizable parts of creation, it is the journey inward that is the most difficult, the seventh direction.

So our name speaks our mission; that is to struggle to come to recognize, understand and nourish the Spirit within. We do not have to be "Religious" to be Spiritual! Because we may be part of an organized church or religion does not necessarily mean that we are Spiritual! Being Spiritual means that we relate to all parts of our world and creation as connected and even related.

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Our Latest Book

Spiritual Labor - Spiritual Living" is a compilation of 52 spiritual reflections intended for the reader's own spiritual work or in leading groups. Each of the reflections deals with living as a spiritual person within ordinary daily relationships and encounters. The intent of the book is to augment the reader's prayer life by inviting him or her to seek the Spirit that dwells within.

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