Retreats and Seminars

We specialize in designing retreats, seminars and parish missions that target specifically the needs of the organization or parish. This means that the topics are open and the length of the retreat, seminar or mission are customized to your needs as well. For most events lasting more than a day, we offer individual Spiritual Direction for any of the participants on a sign-up basis as down-time permits.

Having this in mind, following are several of our more popular retreats that are focused yet still adaptable to your needs. Finally, some more easily fit into a liturgical season, but many can be adapted to fit any season.


Advent is a special time of the year that is not understood by our society. This beautiful time of waiting and preparing is swallowed-up by the commercialization of Christmas. Because of that, most Christians have little understanding of the dual nature of this season; 1) preparing for the second coming of Jesus and 2) preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Our Advent retreats help in not only understanding the season, but also provide good practical ways for families and parishes to celebrate it.

  1. Images of Mary
    • We look scripturally at Mary as a real human being, faced with hardships and trials to find the true beauty of this woman who said "Yes" to God.  From Unwed Mother to Refugee to Suffering Servant, Mary is a model for everyone.
  2. Being Mothers of God
    • This is a scriptural retreat, often combined with the "Images of Mary" for a parish Advent Mission, but can certainly be presented by itself. It explores Meister Eckhart's statement "We are all called to be Mother's of God, because God is always needing to be born."


LENT is a special time of the year when we look ahead as well as inward as a means of preparation.  In the Eucharistic Prayer for the First Sunday in Lent, the church calls this the "JOYFUL SEASON of Lent!"  That is much different than perhaps the Lent that we were taught in grade school and high school.  These seminars are designed to help parishes and individuals enter into the Lenten Season with a sense of Joy and anticipation.  They are designed to bring us to the awareness of God being active in our lives, always inviting us into deeper relationship.

  1. The Triduum
    • From The Mass of the Lord's Supper to Evening Prayer Easter Sunday, we look at every aspect of our most holy feast to not only understand the flow and rubrics, but to gain an understanding of how this  three day feast is integral to how we live our lives.
  2. Understanding and Living the Mass
    • Explores the theology of the different parts of the mass, looking particularly at how and why we do liturgy
    • Understanding the Eucharist as a relationship rather than just a part of the mass.
    • Giving meaning to what our gifts are, how we prepare them and what "The Body of Christ" should mean in our lives.

Corporate Retreats

Taking advantage of Thom's 34 years in corporate management and senior leadership, we also provide a wide range of Corporate Retreats as well such as Spirituality in the Workplace, Change Management and Leading the Dignified Worker to name a few. Please contact us as we offer seminars, inspirational speaking and cultural assessments specifically designed for each organization.

Send Thom an email to find out more

Following are some other offerings that are not as seasonal in nature and focused on Living as the Body of Christ.

  1. Discovering WHO We Are - WHOSE We Are
    • Explores understanding and living in our four beings (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional Spiritual)
    • Belonging to God demands a life of listening and serving, working for justice
  2. Living Catholic Social Justice
    • The focus is on understanding the USCCB's teachings on Catholic Social Justice with practical ways to become more aware and responsive.
  3. Living the Liturgical Calendar
    • We explore the Liturgical Seasons to not only understand them better, but to also give us practical ways to celebrate each season within our families and church.
  4. Gifts of the Spirit
    • A series of Guided Reflections that invites us into understanding our responses to God's gifts.
  5. Opening the RCIA Process
    • Balancing "Information" with "Formation." The Rites. The responsibilities of the team members.
    • What to do with teens!

The following retreats and seminars are designed to promote understanding and healing between and among various religious traditions and faiths.

  1. Healing Religious Wounds - Judaism - Christianity - Islam

    • A look at our roots, our theological likenesses and differences, and our opportunities to understand and heal. From Tolerance comes Understanding. From Understanding comes Acceptance. From Acceptance comes Peace.
  2. Native American Spirituality - Linking Christianity

    • A course set to not only understand Native American Spirituality, but to bridge the gaps in seeing how this way of life is the call to Christian service espoused by St. Francis Assisi.